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Sync your onlines accounts & softwares that you use for work-related purposes.

How Do You Get Skored?


Our algorithm assesses your app usage, then compares it to industry standards and "best practices."

We Analyze Your Apps

We give you a professional score in applicable categories, and share strengths & proficiencies as well as areas for improvement.

We Skore You

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You're a professional. And you've got professional skills that you use every single day -- the meetings...sure...

...but mostly in the apps, softwares, and websites that you regularly use.

...Social Media, Presentations, Spreadsheets, Project Management, Advertising...

Now, you may know you've got these skills, but does anyone else?!?!

Imagine a world where you could simply connect your apps, softwares, and websites - and you'd be "scored" on those professional skills?

At, you simply connect your accounts where you spend your professional time (sites like Gmail & Google Apps, Facebook & Facebook Ads, Twitter & Twitter Ads)...

...and with each app connection, will analyze your usage to determine:

-- your areas of strength ("John ranks 83% above average for Spreadsheets" ... "Jane's Facebook Ads engagement score is 93 out of 100")...

-- your areas that need improvement ("John's task completion rate is low, ranking him as a 62 out of 100 for Project Management" ... "Jane's AdWords score is 71 out of 100, and was affected by her average quality score of 5.2").

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